Duterte Admin, on this day – 20 Sept 2016

Sen. De Lima delivers her privilege speech today. A lot of highlights, including a list of names she described as core of the Davao Death Squad. While this is alarming and definitely a very important issue, they put it as if just a political move to destabilize government. On the other hand, accusations to Sen. De Lima are accepted as truths rather than attacks. 

Let’s name the culprits. Pag walang nangyari sa kasong yan, puñeta! They say the President has nothing to do with the removal of Sen. De Lima from the chairmanship. Well, he better really have nothing to do with it. But, why would you admit something like that, right?

EU is now part of the list of countries/institutions cursed by Duterte. The President may really have made it his mission to insult nations. Ano ka bata! Country calls you out and your response is: “Pakyu! Kayo nga eh… <insert historical event>” 

Filipino-Americans suspected plotting the removal of Duterte from his post. I’m not surprised. Oh and Andanar says this can be done “legally”. Whatever he meant by that.
This aims to record the issues that caught attention and were talked about. Primary source is Twitter and what’s overheard offline. The list does not claim to be absolute but remains truthful to facts as they were encountered. This blog is personal and does not represent any institution or organization. 


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