Duterte Admin, on this day – 19 Sept 2016

The weekend just passed and then there goes a sudden turn of events. Some people must have gone double time over the past few days since Matobato’s gaining credibility.

Seems like the Senators ganged up on Sen. De Lima. Oh, we always hate that classmate who does her homework when the rest of us don’t, and the teacher finds out. Pacman moves that the Justice Commitee chairmanship and membership be declared vacant after Sen. Cayetano’s privilege speech. Look who appears to be like a puppet/a pawn in this war. Just go back to boxing, would ya!

Then they replace Sen. De Lima with Sen. DICK Gordon who just a few days back suggested suspension of the Habeas Corpus. Irony is so cliche these days!

They’re not even being discreet about trying to take down Sen. De Lima because she’s getting in the way of some dirty business.  So let’s get someone who’s used to the dirty jobs. There can be peace talks too in this War on Drugs: “Get rid of my greatest opponent and you get a free pass.”

“Did I say just give me 6 months!? Geez, can I get 6 months more?” When did they ever stick with what they say? Hmm… Like, never!

This is noteworthy. 

This aims to record the issues that caught attention and were talked about. Primary source is Twitter and what’s overheard offline. The list does not claim to be absolute but remains truthful to facts as they were encountered. This blog is personal and does not represent any institution or organization. 


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