Duterte Admin, on this day – 15 Sept 2016

Big day! An old accomplice and witness resurfaces, Mr. Matobato—a former member of the Davao Death Squad. Senate hearing held today as part of the ongoing case of extrajudicial killings. 

An uninvited guest makes an appearance. Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano gate crashes the hearing, and throws tantrums. Photo below seems like Sen. De Lima is the class adviser trying to calm down his two students who are quarreling. You’ve been naughty Sen. Cayetano. Pls. sit up straight and face front (the whiteboard).

Reached a point where Sen. Trillanes turns off the mic of Sen. Cayetano because the latter was taking too long to get to his point. Kids! Please behave yourselves. Or Sen. Cayetano, get out of the room!

Respects for Sen. Trillanes for serving a purpose. Alway right on time. 

President Duterte visits a military camp in Bulacan today. He delivers his usual speech but not with the same spank or energy. He mentions that he has a list of names who are connected to drugs, and he says this is the last report. (Seen on TV)

This aims to record the issues that caught attention and were talked about. Primary source is Twitter and what’s overheard offline. The list does not claim to be absolute but remains truthful to facts as they were encountered. This blog is personal and does not represent any institution or organization. 


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