Duterte Admin, on this day – 14 Sept 2016

Headline: Rep. Harry Roque wants to probe on 1906 Bud Dajo massacre in Sulu. 1906. 1906! 

Yes, we have time & resource to revive this “case” while encouraging everyone to move on from the Martial Law issue. Start digging up the Bud Dajo witnesses now and bury the late dictator in Libingan ng mga Bayani! 

So, some other cases that needed to be looked into were suggested.

The Superficial Gazette gets suspended despite doing a pretty good job, better than the original. Thanks for showing how it should be done. Well, hopefully, it will be back. We’re a free country anyway. Since the government’s been confusing us, what more confusion can a parody account bring? Maybe it will even help enlighten everyone. Two negatives equals positive.

ABC Indonesia Correspondent Adam Harvey receives (Duterte) fan mails. He enjoyed the attention and the love. Thanks for being a good sport. It was really a prank. Not!

This aims to record the issues that caught attention and were talked about. Primary source is Twitter and what’s overheard offline. The list does not claim to be absolute but remains truthful to facts as they were encountered. This blog is personal and does not represent any institution or organization. 


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