Duterte Admin, on this day – 13 Sept 2016

Continuation of comments about Mary Jane, Indonesia leader, and President Duterte: he-said-he-said game, who said what. Duterte says he did not mention Mary Jane.

VP Leni clarifies that the Liberal Party (aka the Yellow) has no plans to unseat the president, and assures him of the party’s commitment to the reforms for the Filipino people. Trabaho muna bago pulitika.

A noteworthy post by a Malaysian youth on President Duterte and human rights. View tweet here.

#Du30Show is trending. Tweets on different movie/show titles with a play on the president’s name. 

This aims to record the issues that caught attention and were talked about. Primary source is Twitter and what’s overheard offline. The list does not claim to be absolute but remains truthful to facts as they were encountered. This blog is personal and does not represent any institution or organization. 


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