Mar Roxas: The one that got away

We will rejoice for VP Leni, and we will not sour-grape for Sec. Mar Roxas, the one president that got away. We, however, grieve for him and for the Filipino people for letting this chance go. We were presented the best choice there is, but our people thought otherwise and chose a different path to god-knows-where. Nonetheless, one thing stays true, that this is a fight worth fighting for and a Filipino people that is still worth dying for.

As he said, this is not about him, so it is not about our own selves either, but about the Philippines. To the very end he inspires, to the very end he leads, to the very end he thinks about our country.

We follow your lead Sec. Mar Roxas. We salute to you!

The best is yet to come. May God continue to bless our country. Amen!


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