Media—the missing link

I remember in one of our major subjects in college, we discussed the culture of voyeurism in the Philippine media. It’s the delivery of news that gives just a peek of the bigger picture. This is closely related with our gossip culture, that we are interested with the soundbites. We buy that kind of news and not dig into the details. We decide and act based on just hearing a portion of the story and that’s all we consume of it. We jump from one “gossip” news, tsismis, tingi na balita to another. And there’s an evident lacking of long attention span and ultimately, critical thinking.

The disconnect between the government and the people is the communication. When you have a media that practices voyeurism, the people are misinformed. Then the people finds social media as a an alternative source of information, which is very tricky because social media contains all sorts of information, verified and not. Not to mention the rising of another principle that is the “clickbait” were we are presented a speculative headline, a misleading peek of the real news. Given our habit of not going into the detail, once a person reads the headline and not bother to read what’s inside it, he is then automatically misinformed.

The media is a system of its own that needs a change and upgrading. If we are so demanding of our government, I feel that we should demand of our media to elevate the discourse, the quality of news they deliver to us.


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