Next President, Mar Roxas

I ask what I can do for my country. It doesn’t have to be a big gesture. It’s as simple as not cutting the line where there is one, not paying fixers to cut short processes, and if I drive—I’d follow the stoplight even during wee hours when no traffic officer is on watch. It’s being selfless and thinking of my country and fellowmen. It’s the discipline w/o having to be told. It’s stopping to think about my own conveniences alone but everyone’s welfare. It’s doing one’s job and doing what’s right.

And I’d want to have a leader whom I can work with on this. That’s Mar Roxas. I want daang matuwid to continue. It is a principle, an honest way of life. It can begin with anyone. It can begin with you.

(Originally posted on March 14, 2016)


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