He’s the one then he’s not

You will meet that boy and you must fall in love. He’s the one, your cocoon. He will help turn you to the butterfly that you must become. And he too will be the one to break your heart so badly. After all, he’s just a boy.

He’s the one who’s meant to spend with you 3, 5, 8 years of your life. You will think you’re going to spend the rest of your life together. But it won’t happen. You will try to fight for what you have. You’d assume you probably hit the bump on the road or you didn’t make it through the itch. But know that it’s all just part of the plan. This is how the story must go.

It will begin sweet. There may be drama. It would turn stale, then sour. Then you become bitter. You’d regret the long time spent together, the memories. You’d wish it didn’t happen at all. You’d blame yourself, blame him. You’d feel how it was such a waste of time, of emotional investment.

It’s okay.

Know that when you meet that boy, don’t hold back. Embrace all the emotions, the happiness, the regrets, the anger. Even if he’s just the boy, he’s still the one. It doesn’t mean your emotions are untrue. It’s just how things are supposed to be.


You must meet and fall in love with the boy, the one. Then fall in love with the man for you. The boy will help you realize when it is the right time, what’s right for you, and who’s the right man for you. When the right man comes, you’d see the difference not between him and the boy, but with yourself. How you were just the girl, equally lovable but disappointing.

You will see things in a whole different light. Yes, you will compare. It’s fine. But it’s for what’s good. You’ll know better how to love, how to give—unconditionally. You’ll know how to appreciate and see how lucky you are to have found the right man for you at the right time.

And you’ll feel thankful and even happier.

It’s okay. You must meet that boy. When you meet him, welcome everything, anything. Live in that moment. Because you found the one.


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